Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization, whose acronym is SMO, is the process of tapping into the power of social media. SMO is closely related to SEO (search engine optimization) and the two website optimization methods are usually used together.

There are hundreds of social media sites. There are social media measurement sites such as Attensity and Statsit, blog sites like Blogger and WordPress, Microblogging sites like Dailybooth, location-based social networks like Facebook places, events sites like Eventful, and information aggregators like Netvibes. There are social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Tagged, and Twitter, social bookmarking sites like CiteULike, Delicious, video sharing sites like YouTube, and social media gaming sites like Empire Avenue. Others are wikis, social news sites, social navigation sites, entertainment sites, and leisure sites.

Social medial optimization allows you to get the most out of these sites. SMO is different from social media marketing in that the focus with SMO is getting traffic from other sources and not from search engines as is the case with social media marketing. SMO encourages viral marketing through word of mouth. SMO is also used in online reputation management or ORM. Some companies are using SMO for knowledge management such as recruiting, product/service development, brand building, and customer satisfaction and relations.

How does SMO work?

Social media optimization involves the creation of quality content in social media sites as well as the starting of promotional activities in social media sites. It also involves the posting of status updates, participation in discussion groups, commenting on popular blogs, and blog commenting. Social medial marketing also involves the adding of social media features to your website. Some of the features that may be added include social news buttons, RSS feeds, polling tools, sharing buttons, and user rating tools. SMO also involves the incorporation of 3rd party community functionalities like videos and images.

Benefits of SMO

Businesses should do SMO for the following reasons:

  • To attract unique visitors.
  • To retain Web traffic.
  • To increase brand and product awareness.
  • To give viral publicity.
  • To save on advertising costs.

Why hire Trois Infotech

You should hire Trois Infotech for SMO because the company has experienced and well-trained staff, you will get professionalism and you actually get to save money since it means you do not need to hire an in-house IT team.

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